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Snapeaks plans with discounts available for Non-profit.
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The prices
for subscribing
to Snapeaks

The prices for subscribing to Snapeaks are determined based on (1) subscription period, (2) number of users, and (3) where the data are used (either nonprofit or for-profit organization/individual) as follows:

Subscription Period Number of Users Subscription Price (USD)
Non-profit For-Profit
3 months 1 $1,850 $2,650
6 months 1 $3,560 $5,170
1 year 1 $7,200 $10,320
2 - 3 $14,400 $20,640
4 - 5 $22,620 $32,500
Longer than 1 year and/or more than 6 users Contact us by email

special offer

For those who want to experience Snapeaks for a short period of time at a lower price, we provide the following one-time special offer:

One-Time Special Offer Price (USD)
Subscription Period Non-profit For-Profit
3 days $100.00 $233.33
1 week $200.00 $466.67
1 month $550.00 $1,283.33

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  • For the exact price of your order, please contact us directly by email.
  • We also provide a 3-month subscription free of charge if you submit us your publication citing Snapeaks. Simply contact us by email with your ID and your publication link to claim your free subscription.